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McMahon Group offers clinical newspapers, educational projects, and conferencing services in a wide range of medical specialties. The 400,000 clinicians who consistently receive our publications, several of which rank first in syndicated readership scores, recognize McMahon Group as a trusted source for timely, cutting-edge medical news and education.

With a combination of editorial excellence, a network of key thought leaders, and a presence at approximately 85 medical conventions each year, McMahon Group and its affiliated companies offer unparalleled distribution and dissemination channels to clinicians in the United States.

The following companies comprise McMahon Group:

  • McMahon Publishing covers important medical news in a number of influential publications, several of which have achieved best-read status in syndicated readership scores.

  • Applied Clinical Education, LLC (ACE) develops educational initiatives designed to optimize the professional performance of clinicians.

  • CMEZone.com provides a single-point source of continuing medical education for healthcare professionals.

  • McMahon Custom Media uses its recognized expertise in publishing, honed over nearly 40 years, to devise thoughtful customized content designed to further the marketing goals of the client.

  • McMahon Jazz Medicine celebrates the confluence of music and medicine—and art in general—with this Web site, where clinicians’ art can be purchased.
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