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A look at your favorite news website or paper quickly confirms that health care is a major component of news in the US and throughout the world. The ongoing fight against cancer, the growing problem of ineffective antibacterials, billion-dollar blockbuster drugs, burgeoning environmental concerns, AIDS and Ebola—these health care stories and many many more like them drive today’s news. Meanwhile, spending on medical services in the US is fast approaching 20% of the overall gross domestic product. Is one-fifth of the world’s most important economy an important beat? Yes!

McMahon Group is a successful family-owned medical publisher now in its fifth decade. Divisions of the company publish best-read newsmagazines and websites in several clinical specialties; work with sponsoring medical firms to create clinical educational projects; create custom media to heighten brand awareness; and work with clinical thought leaders to produce effective certified medical education (CME).

McMahon Group is happy to hear from candidates who are interested in learning more about opportunities at the company. What follows are brief descriptions of the departments within the company.

  • Sales

    The McMahon Group sales staff is responsible for obtaining advertisements for the company's print and digital properties, and securing funding to support a variety of forms of medical educational projects. Sales staff travel nationally and occasionally internationally in support of these efforts. A major focus of the sales staff is to provide excellent customer service to the clients who put their trust in the efficacy of our publications.

    For further information on our career opportunities contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

  • Editorial

    The editorial staff is divided into three groups: Publishing, Projects, and Copyediting. The publishing staff oversees the creation of editorial for both the print publications and their affiliated websites, and is also responsible for creating video and podcasts for use on the websites. The editors travel nationally and occasionally internationally to cover important medical meetings. They maintain close relationships with the members of their respective medical advisory boards, and keep in continual contact with thought leaders from their specialties.

    The projects staff works closely with the sales staff, the sponsoring company and the clinician-authors to create medical education that is authoritative, up-to-date, thoroughly referenced and unbiased. Projects may be distributed in print, over the internet, through emailed newsletters, on CD, etc. — in whichever way the target audience is best reached.

    The copyediting staff is tasked with reviewing and fact checking all work from both the publishing and projects editorial groups. The copyeditors also review the pages of all print materials before they are published, and web exclusives that appear only on the websites.

    For further information on our career opportunities contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

  • Production

    The production staff is tasked with a variety of jobs that together allow editorial to be produced and disseminated. For instance, they lay out the ad and editorial pages in a publication and negotiate with printers for the use of a certain weight of paper for use as cover stock. The production staff helps manage the flow of publications and projects through the various stages of development, and also arranges circulation specifics.

    For further information on our career opportunities contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

  • IT

    The IT staff oversees the digital world of publishing. The company's many websites are constantly evolving, as is the company's intranet sites, which include such destinations as the content management system, human resources and web tracking information. The IT staff also oversees the design and implementation of regular e-newsletters, website development, and creation of apps and digital editions.

    For further information on our career opportunities contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

  • Finance

    The Finance staff keeps close track of expenses and revenues, which are updated daily, and creates reports for publication teams and managers that both look retrospectively at records from the past and prospectively at what is likely for the future. The finance department is also charged with overseeing information for use in tax statements.

    For further information on our career opportunities contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

  • Art

    The art/graphics staff is responsible for creating a successful visual interface between the editorial and reader. The graphics must help illustrate the editorial without distracting from it. The art should be pleasing to the eye and demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise. The graphics staff oversees all print and digital art direction, and also supplies creative services to sponsoring companies, such as logo and packaging design.

    For further information on our career opportunities contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

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