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McMahon Custom Media is a unit of McMahon Group, a longtime publisher of influential clinical newsmagazines, medical educational programs, and customized editorial products. Several of McMahon Group’s publications are the best read* in their specialties, based on independent assessments, and the newspapers are trusted sources for timely medical news and education.

McMahon Custom Media uses its recognized expertise in publishing, honed over nearly 40 years, to devise thoughtful customized content designed to further the marketing goals of the client. McMahon Custom Media focuses on the following markets:

  • Medical
  • Consumer health
  • Medical associations
  • Non-profit health organizations.
Distribution of the custom content may benefit from using our existing clinical newsmagazines as distribution vehicles, thereby immediately gaining readership.

McMahon Group is a publishing company, not a communications, marketing, advertising, or direct mail company. The creation of custom content is a publishing art, so look to a successful medical publisher for your custom content needs.

* Based on BPA and PERQ/HCI audits.
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