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McMahon Group seeks
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Our Businesses

McMahon Group offers clinical newspapers, educational projects, and conferencing services in a wide range of medical specialties. The 400,000 clinicians who consistently receive our publications, which rank first in syndicated readership scores, recognize McMahon Group as a trusted source for timely, cutting-edge medical news and education.

With a combination of editorial excellence, a network of key thought leaders, and a presence at approximately 85 medical conventions each year, McMahon Group and its affiliated companies offer unparalleled distribution and dissemination channels to clinicians in the United States.

Short descriptions of each member of the family of McMahon Group’s publications follow. The publications are available in print and also on each news magazine's website, which includes all editorial available in print as well as additional web-only articles. Readers also may sign up to receive free e-newsletters on each site.

Anesthesiology News

Anesthesiology News, the most-read publication for the specialty in the United States, provides extensive coverage of major clinical meetings affecting the specialty and feature articles on topics relevant to practicing anesthesiologists. Anesthesiology News also presents long-form clinical reviews written by physician thought leaders, practice management articles, medical education and more.

Anesthesiology News also publishes an annual Special Edition, which is a compendium of educational reviews; an annual Airway Management issue; and two annual Buyer’s Guides.

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News, a monthly newspaper, provides smart, objective and comprehensive clinical news reporting from international, national and regional gastroenterology meetings. It also features in-depth original articles, educational reviews, CME monographs and monthly commentary from celebrated gastroenterologists.

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News Special Edition is an annual supplemental issue to the monthly newspaper.

General Surgery News

General Surgery News is a monthly newspaper designed to keep general surgeons abreast of the latest developments in the field. The publication features extensive meeting coverage, analysis of journal articles, educational reviews, and information on new drugs and products.

General Surgery News Special Edition is a supplemental issue to the monthly newspaper.

Infectious Disease Special Edition

Infectious Disease Special Edition is a quarterly magazine that publishes news, features and review articles for infectious disease physicians, pharmacists and microbiologists. Infectious Disease Special Edition also offers a compendium of clinical reference tools that are easy to read, with useful and relevant drug tables and treatment algorithms designed to assist readers in their clinical practice.

OR Management News

OR Management News is a quarterly publication devoted to news and information about managing the surgical suite. Editorial topics range from best practices, new technology, process improvements, reimbursement and ideas to meet daily OR challenges. It features editorial contributions from the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP).

Pain Medicine News

Pain Medicine News, the most-read pain publication in the United States, is mailed 10 times annually to pain-treating physicians, including every pain medicine and pain management physician in the US; the highest prescribers of pain medication in primary care, physical medicine & rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology and oncology; and members of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and North American Neuromodulation Society. An additional 2 issues are sent to nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The newspaper offers extensive coverage of major clinical meetings, feature articles, in-depth clinical reviews, practice management articles and medical education.

Pharmacy Practice News

Pharmacy Practice News provides health-system pharmacists with accurate, relevant and up-to-date information that improves their clinical practice. In addition to news, the publication includes continuing education lessons and new FDA drug approvals.

Each fall, Pharmacy Practice News publishes a compilation of clinical educational reviews, which are in-depth articles on those topics most important to health-system pharmacists, presented in an easy-to-reference format.

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum provides relevant and up-to-date clinical and business information to specialty pharmacists, home infusion practitioners, managed care organizations and other key providers of specialty pharmacy. Features include new FDA drug approvals, clinical educational reviews and continuing education activities.

Pharmacy Technology Report

Pharmacy Technology Report is a twice-yearly supplement to No. 1–ranked Pharmacy Practice News and Specialty Pharmacy Continuum. Distributed at 13 major pharmacy conferences, the publication covers best practices in automation, informatics and patient safety.

Clinical Oncology News

Clinical Oncology News is an independent e-newsletter with unbiased, accurate and reliable news combined with in-depth expert analysis about the issues that oncologists and hematologists/oncologists care about most.

Applied Clinical Education (ACE) develops educational initiatives designed to meet the needs of practicing clinicians, based on identified and verifiable gaps within intended audiences. Individual activities focus on maintaining, developing, or increasing the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of clinicians to advance care.

ACE is dedicated to providing education that strengthens medical knowledge and enhances the clinical care of patients by medical professionals, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and public health.

ACE distributes print medical education materials through McMahon Publishing’s family of specialty publications, reaching an audience of more than 250,000 practicing clinicians.

ACE hosts the medical education website®.® provides easily accessible and readily available CME solutions for medical and pharmacy professionals.

As a free membership site,® provides secure personal accounts through which learners can access activities designed to enhance their knowledge and performance.

All programs are free and allow for instantaneous grading and printable certificates of completion.

Powerful search engines allow learners to easily identify relevant programming.

All educational activities jointly provided by ACE, regardless of primary distribution, have an e-CME component and are posted online at®.

McMahon Custom Media offers an integrated team of publishing personnel whose focus is to promote the interests of your brand by creating the best possible editorial product. As a McMahon Custom Media client, the Custom team will meet with you in order to get a precise view of your goals and how you hope the custom editorial product will influence your audience. With that knowledge in mind, our graphic designers will prepare brand-friendly examples of the product for your review. We will also set objectives and mutually agree upon how to measure success.

McMahon Publishing was founded in 1972 by Raymond E. McMahon. Now in its fifth decade, the company has top-read newsmagazines in various medical specialties—including anesthesiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, hospital and specialty pharmacy, infectious diseases and pain medicine —and is one of the nation’s largest family-owned medical publishers.

Unlike any other medical custom media company, we can prove our ability to effectively create clinical content that readers enjoy. How? We point to the fact that we publish several of the best-read clinical newsmagazines in the United States. No other firm can say that.

In addition to print publications, McMahon has adapted to the ever-evolving media landscape with a full line of digital media formats, including mobile responsive websites, e-newsletters, multimedia videos and audio podcasts, and iPad apps.

Throughout its history, McMahon has also worked with the medical industry on educational promotional programs, and has increasingly focused on assisting hospital systems in creating reputable programs designed to enhance awareness among key clinical specialists or the general public.

McMahon Custom Media, the division focusing on hospital systems, provides key peer-to-peer clinical editorial as well as health-focused editorial materials for consumers. Several of the country’s top-rated hospital systems look to McMahon Custom Media to advance their marketing efforts.

About Us

McMahon Group is a 45-year-old, family-owned medical publisher of clinical newspapers and specialty periodicals, and creates compelling medical education programs and custom publications.


The McMahon Group sales staff is responsible for obtaining advertisements for the company’s print and digital properties, and securing funding to support a variety of forms of medical educational projects. The sales staff travels nationally and occasionally internationally in support of these efforts. A major focus of the sales staff is to provide excellent customer service to the clients who put their trust in the efficacy of our publications.


The production staff is tasked with a variety of jobs that together allow editorial to be produced and disseminated. For instance, they lay out the ad and editorial pages in a publication and negotiate with printers for the use of a certain weight of paper for use as cover stock. The production staff helps manage the flow of publications and projects through the various stages of development, and also arranges circulation specifics.

Information Technology

The IT staff oversees the digital world of publishing. The company’s many websites are constantly evolving, as are the company’s intranet sites, which include such destinations as the content management system, human resources and web tracking information. The IT staff also oversees the design and implementation of regular e-newsletters, website development, and creation of apps and digital editions.


The art/graphics staff is responsible for creating a successful visual interface between the editorial and reader. The graphics must help illustrate the editorial without distracting from it. The art should be pleasing to the eye and demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise. The graphics staff oversees all print and digital art direction, and also supplies creative services to sponsoring companies, such as logo and packaging design.


The editorial staff is divided into three groups: Publishing, Special Projects, and Copy Editing.

The publishing staff oversees the creation of editorial for both the print publications and their affiliated websites, and is also responsible for creating video and podcasts for use on the websites. The editors travel nationally and occasionally internationally to cover important medical meetings.

The projects staff works closely with the sales staff, the sponsoring company and the clinician-authors to create print and digital medical education that is authoritative, up-to-date, thoroughly referenced and unbiased.

The copy editing staff is tasked with reviewing and fact checking all work from both the publishing and projects editorial groups.


The finance staff keeps close track of expenses and revenues, which are updated daily, and creates reports for publication teams and managers that look both retrospectively at records from the past and prospectively at what is likely for the future. The finance department is also charged with overseeing information for use in tax statements.

The Story of McMahon Group

Amazon, Apple, Disney and Google all have corporate histories that began in a garage. One or more determined people batted around an idea until something worked, and in these examples, something really big indeed worked, so that today they are giants of American industry.

Add to that list of garage startups McMahon Group, a medical publisher now in its fifth decade, which while not necessarily a household name is nonetheless highly influential in shaping medical knowledge and education.

Raymond E. McMahon founded McMahon Group in 1972 with just five staffers. An advertising sales executive at the time, Mr. McMahon proposed creating a new publication focused on the medical professionals in the operating room, but this idea was rejected by his employers. That rejection was the impetus to start his own publishing company, in his garage, and create his first publication, a bimonthly journal called Surgical Team. As part of the surgical team, anesthesiologists and surgeons have been a focus of the company from the very beginning.

Over the ensuing years the company, now in its fifth decade, has grown considerably, becoming today one of the nation’s largest family-owned medical publishers, with about 75 employees and annual sales between $16 and $20 million amid continued profitability

Whereas Raymond McMahon continues as CEO of the company, a second generation of family members is now fully involved in day-to-day operations: Michele McMahon Velle is creative director and husband Van Velle is president of the company; Matt McMahon serves as general manager; Michael McMahon is business director of Custom Media; and remaining partners Rosanne McMahon and Lauren McMahon Smith assist in business administration.

Most of the newsmagazines published by McMahon Group are also the best-read in their specialties, as measured by syndicated readership studies. The combined circulation of McMahon publications is approximately 400,000 doctors and pharmacists. In addition, McMahon has adapted to the ever-evolving media landscape with a full line of digital media formats, including mobile responsive websites, e-newsletters, multimedia videos and audio podcasts, and iPad apps.

McMahon Group is composed of:

  • McMahon Publishing, which covers important medical news through its influential publications;
  • Applied Clinical Education, which develops educational initiatives designed to optimize the professional performance of clinicians;
  •, an internet-based source of continuing medical education for health care professionals;
  • McMahon Custom Media, which creates customized content to promote the marketing goals of hospital systems and brand managers; and
  • McMahon Special Projects, which partners with the medical industry to create educational promotional programs for clinicians.

Every year, the McMahon Group comes together as a company to review the previous year, noting the achievements of its various departments as well as the company as a whole. For the McMahon Group, 2017 proved to be successful in many ways—all of which was made possible by the efforts of its accomplished staff.

The company’s annual celebration highlights the work of a few outstanding employees. We thank them and the many other employees at McMahon Group for their hard work, and we also thank our readers for their continued enthusiasm for our medical journalism, which has made many of our publications the most-read in their specialties.

Support Person of the Year

Mariella Sindoni

Mariella Sindoni is the accounts receivable manager in the Finance Department. She has been with the company for 11 years. She is a dedicated and determined team member, providing critical financial support for the entire company.

Kwanghee Chung

Kwanghee Chung is the senior lead developer in the IT Department at the company. He received this recognition after 12 years with the McMahon Group for his steadfast leadership and the strong relationships he has built with departmental members.

Previous winners:

2016: Diane Lodise, Victor Tlepshev; 2015: Blake Dennis, Lester Mejia; 2014: Martin Barbieri, Kwanghee Chung; 2013: Yumi Veliz, Rosa DiMicco, Frank Tagarello; 2012: Hyong Kwon, Diane Lodise, Blake Dennis; 2011: Rosa DiMicco, Jeanette Mooney; 2010: Martin Barbieri, Mariella Sindoni, Gabriel Berlin; 2009: Kwanghee Chung, Mary Lou Campanella, Mark Neufeld, Jean Moyer, Deanna Cosme; 2008: Martin Barbieri, Matthew Spoto, Blake Dennis, Yumi Veliz; 2007: Anna Kupershtok, Hyong Kwon; 2006: Angela Teichholz

Editor of the Year

Paul Bufano

Paul Bufano is the associate editor of General Surgery News and the managing editor of McMahon Custom Media, a division that focuses on custom hospital-based projects. In 2017, he also took on a larger role in the quarterly production of the company’s OR Management News publication.

Previous winners:

2016: Kristin Jannacone; 2015: Marie Rosenthal; 2014: Kevin Horty; 2013: Elizabeth Zhong, Carlos Perkins; 2012: George Ochoa, Katherine Reider; 2011: Don Pizzi; 2010: Adam Marcus; 2009: Kate O’Rourke, Sarah Tilyou; 2008: Brian Dunleavy, Nicole Palma; 2007: Adam Marcus, Katherine Reider; 2006: David Bronstein

Sales Achievement Award

Lillie Onday

Lillie Onday serves as the account manager for Pharmacy Practice News, Specialty Pharmacy Continuum and Infectious Disease Special Edition. She accomplished many goals in 2017, including selling her first special project. This award highlights her hard work and dedication to improving customer service for her clients.

Previous winners:

2016: Justin Kaback; 2015: Craig Wilson; 2014: Matthew Spoto; 2013: David Kaplan; 2012: Michael Enright; 2011: David Kaplan; 2010: Julianna Dawson; 2009: Kate Carmody; 2008: David Kaplan; 2007: Joe Malichio; 2006: Michael Enright

Salesperson of the Year

Richard Tuorto

Richard Tuorto is the senior group publication director for Anesthesiology News and Pain Medicine News, both of which are rated as the most-read publications in their fields. He earned this award for an unprecedented 12th year in a row by generating the most revenue of any salesperson in the calendar year.

Previous winners:

2006-2016: Richard Tuorto; 2005: Katie Vecchiano; 2004: Tim Callahan; 2003: Eric Pepper; 2002: Robert King; 2001: Thomas Ciriacks; 2000: Michael McMahon; 1999: Michael McMahon; 1998: Steven Kurlander; 1997: Paul McDaniel; 1996: Lydia Smith McMahon; 1995: Michael McMahon

Person of the Year

Brian Higginson

Brian Higginson is the publication director for Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News, the best-read newsmagazine in the specialty. He has been with the McMahon Group for 13 years. He received this award for the continuing success and profitability of his publication year after year, as well as his leadership and the example he sets every day for his colleagues.

Previous winners:

2016: Martin Barbieri; 2015: Michael Enright; 2014: Richard Tuorto; 2013: Hyong Kwon; 2012: Jean Moyer; 2011: Mary Lou Campanella; 2010: Kevin Horty; 2009: Joe Malichio; 2008: David Bronstein; 2007: Patti Dickens; 2006: Peter Hurwitz

The McMahon Group Partners’ Award

The Partners’ Award is given to an individual whose efforts have helped shape the fortunes of the company over time.

Dan Radebaugh

2017: This year’s winner is Dan Radebaugh, He was the director of production and director of the IT Department, and he served as the company’s principal negotiator with our printing companies. He retired at the end of 2017, after working for 22 years with the company.

Guy Garizio

2015: Guy Garizio was, for over a decade, an important member of the sales team at McMahon. He then moved on to an executive sales position elsewhere, while continuing to be a proponent of the McMahon Group, and then, in 2016, he returned to work for the company.

Rosanne McMahon

2014: Rosanne McMahon is a partner and cofounder of the company and the wife of CEO Ray McMahon. For many years she was personally involved in financial oversight, but nowadays she continues to do what she has done expertly from the very beginning: supporting the CEO and family members working at the company!

Matthew McMahon

2013: Matthew McMahon is the son of CEO and Managing Partner Ray McMahon. His position as the company’s general manager puts him front and center for major decisions involving policy, finance and overall governance.

Ward Byrne

2012: Ward Byrne served as publication director for Anesthesiology News for several years, starting in the early 1990s. He was responsible for the excellent growth of that newspaper, which today dominates the market. Today, Ward teaches special education in the New Jersey school system.

Urban S. Mulvehill

2011: Urban S. Mulvehill has provided legal services to the company since 1983. He became a partner at his law firm, O’Neill DiManno and Kelly, in 1980 after having served as a trial lawyer for several years at the U.S. Department of Justice. Urban’s relaxed demeanor and sage advice over the past three decades have been greatly appreciated.

Gary Smith

2010: Gary Smith, CEO of Fairfield (Conn.) County Bank (FCB), earned this award for his decades-long financial service. FCB financed all of the company’s expansions over the years. “Gary has been a great partner in helping the family and staff grow this company from a start-up to a major medical publisher,” said Ray McMahon, CEO.

Hooker McMahon

2006: Hooker McMahon was a member of the Class of 1957 at the University of Connecticut, where he met the company’s founder and CEO, Ray McMahon. Hooker is the president and owner of McMahon-Income Inc., a life, disability and group medical insurance agency. He has been alongside Ray and the company since its inception, and we applaud and thank him for it.

Hank Rogers

2003: Hank Rogers, whose sales acumen proved invaluable to the company’s growth over many years. He also won the Sales award in 1986.

Robert P. Masotti

2001: Robert P. Masotti, for his long association with the company as CPA and business adviser. His personal association with founder Ray McMahon goes back to when they were teammates on the University of Connecticut football team, circa 1960.

Thomas Ciriacks

2000: Thomas Ciriacks, publication director and sales leader, who won Person of the Year awards in 2000 and 2001 and the Sales award in 2001.

James Prudden

1999: James Prudden, who is Group Editorial Director. He was Editor of the Year in 1988 and won the Person of the Year awards in 1989 and 2002.


McMahon Group is a successful family-owned medical publisher, now in its fifth decade. Divisions of the company publish best-read newsmagazines and websites in several clinical specialties; work with sponsoring medical firms to create clinical educational projects; create custom media to heighten brand awareness; and work with clinical thought leaders to produce effective certified continuing medical education (CME).

McMahon Group is happy to hear from candidates who are interested in learning more about opportunities at the company. Click to view open positions.


McMahon Group is a successful family-owned medical publisher now in its fifth decade. Divisions of the company publish best-read newsmagazines and websites in several clinical specialties; work with sponsoring medical firms to create clinical educational projects; create custom media to heighten brand awareness; and work with clinical thought leaders to produce effective certified continuing medical education (CME). McMahon Group is happy to hear from candidates who are interested in learning more about opportunities at the company. For more information on our career opportunities, contact: HR Director, Jean Moyer

Advertising Sales Account Manager for Custom Publishing

McMahon Publishing Group, a 50+-year-old company that has market-leading titles in anesthesiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, infectious disease, pharmacy and pain medicine, seeks an experienced associate editor with excellent web-and print-based skills to join our editorial team. The right editorial candidate will contribute to both Anesthesiology News and General Surgery News publications.

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